Wednesday, March 28, 2007

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I havent much to say these days. I have been working very hard @ trying to adjust to this new lifestyle I have set for myself. I spent 3 hours in some court room here upstate in a town called Saugerties. I was given a ticket for a traffic violation and had to go to court for it. There were a bunch of wannabe hoodlums there and it reminded me of this one time when I decided to amuse myself (which I do often when Im alone) by telling a kid passing in front of my car on some street next to my parents house in Brooklyn that "he dropped it" the kid looked down and then at me dumbfounded not understanding what I meant as he noticed he didnt drop anything. He asked what? I said your fucking pants. He like many of these dumb wanna be rappers was wearing his pants below his knees. I laughed hard as I drove off and loved that I can even while I was all alone. The judge I had the displeasure of meeting today was a smug bastard. He lowered my fine from what it should have been I guess because I was the only person there with my pants @ my waste. He did what he had to do but still I couldnt help but think of how great it would be to call him a mother fucker. I was saved the charge of contempt by a punk in handcuffs that didnt agree with the sentence given him and did it for me.

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