Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Current Events

Hmm, where shall I begin. I spent this last weekend upstate. I was hanging with a friend named Saber. Hes a cool guy that owns a big piece of property with a hotel that used to be in operation in the 20s. Hes 62 but hes cooler than anyone I know. The horses you see below are his. I had a great time relaxing @ my crib this past weekend and find that it gives me some sort of balance in the very hectic life that I lead. Im trying to bring my business up there as I simply cant stand this smog filled work camp we call NYC. I have a bitter outlook on the people here and see them as money hungry sheep who either forgot about or dont know that life should be about being happy and enjoying every minute as you do not know if you will be gone today or tomorrow. The business im in is driving me absolutely crazy. I hate it! The problem is that it produces alot of money and that is the only way I can finance my outdoor endeavors. Its a true dilemna. I cant stand dealing with people because quite honestly I dont like people. We are all selfish creatures. I was selfish when I left my exgirlfriend who trully needed and loved me. My other ex is selfish for leaving me at a time when I trulley needed her. I fucking hate that bitch for doing that to me! I am not an idiot and I know not to generalize but I feel that this one girl that looked me in the eye before jumping in front of the q train on 34th street figured something out before I did. I have made many changes in the past couple of weeks. I noticed I havent been doing things correctly. Our bodies need fine tuning and this is why i wake @ 5:30am everyday and run for an hour. I cant fucking stand incompetence. Only people with down syndrome should be allowed to procastinate. So I decided to venture off and check out the areas surrounding where I live. I ended up @ some party in Woodstock NY. Its a really artsy type of town with a bunch of up and coming artists that welcomed me as one of their own. I took notice to how open to meeting new people they are. they are very intersting people although not really for me (they, like lots of artists do alot of drugs). I've always been very friendly and approachable and so some girl by the name of Jaimie came and started to talk to me while I was having a beer. She told me she is a singer and in my head I pictured her singing in the mornings as I would love for my girlfriend or wife to do if of coarse she had a nice singing voice as Jaimie definately did. Its strange because there were 4 girls there for every guy and thats not typical here in NYC. I was telling her that I found I get along most with pisces and low and behold she was one. I found that to be eerily coincidental. She gave me her number introduced me to many of her artist friends and we chatted for a little while before I decided to go. Spring is in the air and you can smell it. Soon all the girls will be showing skin and flaunting their stuff. Its times like these that I pat myself on the back for staying single and keeping my options open. I pity those that are stuck in relationships and through their peripheral look at the cuties prancing around. My opinion is your born alone and yes you die alone. So for all you suckers stuck in a 6 foot hole, you either climb out soon or find your miserable self eaten up by the worms.

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