Saturday, March 31, 2007

Delusions Of Self

So,I've been reading this book Called "Journey Of Souls"/ As you might guess it is about reincarnation. Its 100 past life regression case studies from the most respected Dr in this field. It truly is a great book. It cements the beliefs I have adopted about the world when I was ordered to read a certain book by someone. This was when I was 14. I didn't care much to read then what having many a-walls to spray paint on. My sponge was dry... I read this book in 2 days. This, was then a true feat for me. Anyway, I'm not gonna get into it. I can preach about the sheople herding religions and the deep contrast between all of them yet still people believing. Actually, I believe all religions will get you to "heaven" as long as their not satanistic. I just believe you gotta do the right thing. Be a good person. I would not dare to be another that mentions the billions killed because of feuds between religions. It is the individual person that needs to be judged. Any none racist (I guess) would say this. I do find it hard to not generalize though. But I can gratefully say a kind "brother" down in Harlem helped me to find the FDR today. I remember once being in Mexico and hating the mother fucking Mexicans after my phone disappearing in a restaurant. Later on that trip I met an old very hard working Mexican and his wife that seemed to be such great and gentle people. So back to this book, each of these 100 people under hypnosis tell of an extreme feeling of release once they die. They each tell of eerily similar events that occur after death. One told of looking down on his family while they were crying and distraught. He wished he can comfort them and tell them he's OK. They speak of a methodical order to things up there and claim we all have superior spirit guides that upon death help us reflect on our lives and learn . There is much to talk about here but I'm way too tired so let me get to the point. If one understood that our souls have lived verrry many lives as many diferent people. I would wonder how often, how quickly or even if ever a soul finds out what its true character is.

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