Thursday, May 17, 2007

Another City

Auckland is a city very reminiscent of NYC. Very diverse. Lots of races and immigrants. 20% of the poeple in this city are asian. Anyway I got here yesterday morning. Mind you it is 20 hours ahead of NY time here. I write to you from the future. It is fri morning here and it is thurs noontime in NY. So after I first got here I thought hmm this doesnt tickle my fancy much since Im used to cities and the rush associated with them. Then, I strolled over to some park I seen later in the day after I settled a few things with business. I met a girl there that is a local and not in a rush like everyone else in this city. She was cool and is in bartending school here. She was born and aised in Auckland. Through her I met this Mungo dude and he introduced me to some guy that runs a call center in the city @ nights. We went over there and he showed me the guys operation. It is a bunch of people calling New Zealanders asking them for "charity" to help save the youths of zeeland from drugs. Following my introduction to the guy that runs this joint he asked if I wanted to work there. I told him, ive worked jobs like this before and people dont really like to be solicited thru the phone. He said right, in America. Apparantly here in New Zealand people are more philanthropic and kind. THe hours are between 4:30 and 8:30 pm and it will fit in well with my own business. He explained if I do well I can make over 600 dollars a day. Which in American dollars is like $470. Anyway I came here saying I will keep my eyes open to new business ideas and venturs and I found one already. The commisions on the money you solicit is 25% for the sales person on the phone. This means the owner is probably keeping 70% and giving 5% to trully help the crackhead youngsters. Its a bit of a sleazy business in my opinion but to learn it and maybe open a similar thing here (if this speak of kiwis being receptive to solicitations is true) might be a good idea. I like to think internationally and studied int'l business in college. Very many cars are posted for sale everywhere around here and im enticed by the prospect of having me one of these cars with the steering wheels on the other side. I decided against buying one and hassling myself with registration and insurance. I found a local kiwi that rents cars and is giving me a great deal. $12 U.S. a day for a 30 day rental with insurance and everything. I shall stay in this city for a week to learn that guys biz and see if it is feasable for me to start the same thing here. Then I shall shoot south toward the hotsprings and geysers they have in Rotorua. New Zealand is split into two island and the northern folk consider themselves more sophisticated and say the southerners are less civil. I shall probably stay away from the southern island as the northern one has all the interesting things to see. Wellington is next after Rotorua. It is a beautiful place, not a city like where I am now.