Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Auckland New Zealand

Spontanuity im infamous for. For mothers day may 13th I booked a wonderful singer from Woodstock who will perform @ my brothers place while we BBQ. It will be a great time. I just booked a one way ticket to Auckland New Zealand. There is a beautiful hostel there that has a jacuzzi on the roof with a nice pool and more importantly 24hr internet access. Their rates are fair and so I guess Ill stay there for a week or so and then further explore other parts of New Zealand. Australia is nearby and I have heard so many good things that I will probably lose much sleep in anticipation of my visit. I shoot off on the 15th. The flight is longer than any I have ever been on and so valium will accompnay me. I was trying to book this flight earlier in the day but a friend was over and pulled my bank card from my hands and refused to give it back. He asked what are you running away from? He said relax a little before you go. I love him and appreciate his looking out for me. But, taking everything into consideration (which is what I did today) slowly pondering whether I should or shouldnt book it, I decided there really isnt any reason for me not to. Running away from what? From the same thing I have seen since I was born!? I like not worrying about tommorrow and living for the moment. This might not seem like the best approach and it might not be. I simply cant find any reason I shouldnt go. Money is what is important for most I find and this is the reason they stay in this never ending marathon. I dont care for it much more than I need it. The race for it and how suppressed ones hapiness can be when thinking or worrying daily only about it is sickening. Ilook into the eys of people here in the city and I find the same look I see all around whether nyc or upstate, this is an empty look. They say the eyes are the mirrors of our souls. If so, we have many souless people around. Zombies that repetetively do what they think is what they must and in the end there is just tomorow. What snapped me out of this way of thinking is simple. I found that you can provide every nutrient your body needs, you can even feed a whole family with just the stuff thats around. Nature can provide for us everything that we need. After understanding this it can only be the mirrors that keep you racing.