Monday, May 21, 2007


So I lye here on the bottom bunk of my bunkbed in my hostel in The Bay Of Islands. A guy from the UK a girl from Chicago, one from Canada and another from Germany are here with me right now. Were just hanging out shooting the shit. Staying @ these hostels reminds me of when I was dorming @ TAU. Its good times. Others just like me travelling. All of us just enjoying ourselves. I feel like a complete shmuck for not doing these things sooner. To socialize with others like me from diferent parts of the globe is refreshing. Tonight is the last in which I sleep in a bed. I have attained an automobile, a very good fishing rod, I have a great sleeping bag, an excellent knife, a cooker that works on gas and canned food. I am ready to explore the parts of New Zealand that arent normally travelled. The more exotic parts. Parts where hostels are non-existent. Tomo mng I shall head north with some buds for a day trip to a 90 mile beach. It is the northern most part of New Zealand. Many travellers I am meeting and combined they have been to every country in the world. They are all saying that this country is bar none the most beautiful in the world. They claim Australia is comparable if not second to Zealand in terms of beauty. It turns out the south island of New Zealand is just fine to explore and the people there arent uncivil it simply isnt as populated as the northern island. Everyone is telling me the south island is far more beautiful than this here north one. My roomies and I are having an interesting conversation about astronomy. I like this hostel thing but unlike my roomies I am not here for the attractions and the activities. I am here to explore and document and so I shall move onward as I have the entire planet to explore. Cheers and Love From New Zealand.