Thursday, May 03, 2007

Mirrors And External Influence

Living up to the images in our mirrors I believe is what causes many to lose touch with themselves. To seek approval from the world of our costumes. I imagine a cave woman, as if damned or cursed treking 2 miles everyday to a lake only to see her image. I doubt any of the men did this often. There is no better way to lose track of yourself then to constantly look in the mirror. The image you see is no more than a mask. Dont hassle with trying to fit the role. I shall try to practice what I here preach. Mirrors arent the only problem city life and just society provide. Subconsciously today while boarding back and forth from my car to my parents house, I was influenced. Influence sucks too. As I reached the car I noticed A city bus had stopped for the red light next to me. Jam packed with people staring out of the window at me. I got what I needed from the car and proceeded to jump on my board trying to make the scene flow well for my spectators. I noticed I didnt ride my board with the whistfulness that I normally do but was sloppy. I picture an old indian medicine man saying dumb yung man try impress the world. This might be bad but im gonna make it a thing to start not giving a fuck to impress anyone anymore.