Thursday, May 24, 2007

New Zelands Volcanic Region, Rotorua

I would say Rotorua is the most exotic and amazing place I have ever seen so far in my life. It is a town sitting atop an active volcano. Steam rising up from every crevice in the ground. People here do not shower. The polynesians bathe everyday in their personnal natural jacuzzis. I had the fortune of meeting a local named Chester, He, his chinese wife and son live in the center of the historic landing point of the first polynesians. All you see is billowing smoky, foglike steam rising out of every sewer drain or lake, everywhere. I steamed a fish I caught using a little boiling area and an army type pan I picked up along with many other outdoor necessities @ an army surplus shop. This little boiling area is the same Chesters ancestors used to boil the fish they caught 400 years ago. In the baths There are two components, the lever to turn to get the boling hot water to rush up from thousnads of miles below where there are oceans of lava. It cools off durings its journey up but its still very hot still and so the other componet is the hose with freezing cold water. Easily you can adjust the temp from very hot to cooler. The biggest danger for people not from NZ Australia or South Africa is the steering wheel on the other side of the car. This brings with it many other problems. You must drive on the opposite side of the street. Often I forget and am reminded by an approaching car. The worst and most dangerous thing is we are all used to looking left first when crossing a street. When clear we step onto the street and then look right. This has been etched into our subconscious. Too many times I step onto the road because the left is clear and am almost mowed down by a passing car from the right. Everything considered it is here where I would choose to live if I can. Its the most relaxed, friendly and sharing people I've met.

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