Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Soaking It In

Today, while with a friend I realized something I think is noteworthy. I appreciate hanging with my friends alot now because I know I wont be with them much soon. Also the city and its smog doesnt seem all that bad knowing im leaving it soon. Lets take this to the next step. Imagine G-d forbid you had one week to live. Absolutely everything from the wind that blows to the horns that honk would be appreciated. Life slows down. Knowing you only have so long to soak everything in allows for the full advantage taking of every situation. Every minute you will bless. I think people get bored and even sick of there partners in relationships because of their habitual lifestyles. I bet you would take your wife out more often if you knew she only had a week to live. Thank god we will probably be around for more than a week but truly understanding THAT THIS "WEEK" IS NOT PROMISED might at least give you a taste of what its like to appreciate and to soak everything in.