Sunday, May 06, 2007

Waking Up

While on a stroll in Soho with a friend that schools @ NYU, I picked up a book that spoke to me. I find that the code of Dharma is one that fits well with my beliefs so I found one that isnt a bunch of old munk preachings. This book is about mixing buddhism and dharma with city life and with relationships. I dont do this often but I will share a passage from the book here, it is one that I very much agree with.

" Waking up means setting aside your prejudices, your ideas of what should be, and even your ideas about what you think you want. That way you are in the moment, and by being in the moment you can find yourself pleasantly surprised. You get to see people clearly, without the filters of projection. Then who knows what can happen, because you are not limiting your scope of what is possible." Arthur Jeun.