Wednesday, May 30, 2007


So funds are running low and now I have to put the biz into high gear. This means waking @ 5 in the mng to deal with the ungrateful shmucks that buy tvs from me. There are so many different things to do here. For example alot of people do fruit picking. They pay $13 an hour. Altho I would never do this its an example of many things that are possible to do here and get paid well. I am looking for a way to get into the stock market here as the wealthiest people in the world live here and in Australia. The new BioFuel biz is going to explode and I think selling capitol shares of starting firms to investors is a very good idea. That however will have to be researched and pursued in Auckland. In the mean time Im here in Toaranga and im prob gonna work from my site for a week to get some cash. I like it here cuz its warm. Friendly and comfy style hostel with a cool owner whos wife is pregnant with their first. He likes to talk and I dont mind to listen. Im kinda proud of myself being a true pioneer in my biz. Im the first to take the Internet electronics mail order biz international.

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