Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Bottom Feeders

For just about as long as my short term memory allows I have been on the piss with my british friends Paul and Ben. We have met a couple of brit girls that are bottom feeding as we are. Paul and ben will be leaving on thurs to south america and Kerry myself and Sarah will be heading south together. We are currently in Auckland and the gas is quite expensive when moving around as much as we are and so the chip ins by my travel mates are much appreciated. Most backpackers are very much unlike us. We do not pay for attraction nor do we pay to stay at hostels. We knock on doors sleeping bags in hand until we find unoccupied beds in a dorm. We are the bottom feeders and we are damn proud. We spend as little money as possible yet we have by far the best time. We are different than these backpacking sissys we shoot the shit with. We are explorers until death and we must make the most of everything and nothing. It is the best way to live. Anyone intelligent I have met so far has agreed travelling is the thing to do. The thing is tho that too many take these stupid guided tours on buses. We laugh at these shmucks as we pass by them in our
$15 NZ a day rental car where we get to stop and hang anywhere and everywhere we want. Today we got free drinks simply because I chatted up some girls in a park here in Auckland. After that we watzled in to an art gallery and drank a full bottle of wine while pretending to be interested in the uninteresting art inside chatting up the naive art lovers. I have much experience doing this while doing exactly the same in Chelsea back home. We are the bottom feeders currently but we are learning valuable lessons. Were getting by with nothing but having the fucking times of our lives.


  1. Gil this is fuckin awsome. I am totally envious. I want to leave this fuckin desk im sitting at go directly to the airport and just take the first flight out there. Have a fuckin great time and I will see you when you get back.

    Much love
    Uncle Pozzo

  2. Pozzo, seriously, DO IT!


Thanx, it was sent.