Monday, June 11, 2007

The Secret Spot Rotorua New Zealand

There is an amazing spot on the outskirts of town. Its known to the few that know it as the secret spot. Its a 25 minute drive out into the bush outside of town. Chess put me on to it and I've been there 7 times since. Its where a natural volcanic stream meets with another cold one. Its an enchanting spot. Yesterday Paul, Ben myself and a blond haired surfing californian girl named Kelly were lounging in the jacuzzi in this hostel. Something went wrong with it and it wasnt warming up. The manager said their getting a plumber in and were just gonna have to deal w/out it. I mentioned this spot and off we went to it. Never have I been there at night. It was absolutely majestic. We lit a candle and soaked for close to an hour in this really hot stream. Ben and I stepped out of the 105 degree water naturally in order to keep comfortable as it was too damn hot to sit in for more than 2 minutes without over heating. I mentioned to kelly that it must be the fact she is from cali that she is able to cope with such heat without having to get out a bit. Then Paul steps out and mentions he didnt feel very well. Clonk! Right after saying this he passed out and hit his head on the side of the bank near the stream. As I got up to help him Kelly said she too was gonna pass out and Ben I looked at eachother hoping we all werent going to pass out. After breathing a little she felt better but Paul was just laying there limp. I splashed some water on him from my camelbak and he arose. The extreme heat is deceiving. Anytime your in a hot bath or something of the sort your body absorbs the heat and changes the temp of the water. This doesnt happen while sitting in a volcanic bath. It is a constant stream of near boiling water that rushes by you. The whole incident was under control 5 minutes after Paul passed out but it was a bit scary. The time we had there was an amazing one and everything considered we all agreed it was a night we will probably never forget.