Thursday, June 07, 2007

Some Shots Of The Area Surrounding Napier

The stress associated with my business vexes me so. I truly dont care for it. I dont care to continue it but I must. Its proving very difficult from here and I fear I might have to go home sooner than I anticipated. I dont really think I want to continue running it and am sure it isnt what I will do forever. Perhaps I should look at this as a competent person would a relationship. I have discovered now that I am unhappy and so before I dig a deeper hole I should cut it out. I love doing the things that I have done today. Trailing thru rugged mountain tops, exploring unfamiliar land. I need to find a way to get paid to do exactly this. Nirvana is what the buddhists call the ultimate state of bliss. For the past few days my dwindling acct has caused me to wake unhappy. This is stupid but I understand it. I must be worrying in my dreams because I dont while awake. I dont care if I have to pick fruit like many of my mates do to keep travelling. Nirvana for me would be to get paid, even if its a meager amount, just enough to eat and rest my head on a warm bed at night. This is all I need. To attain sponsorship to continue doing exactly what I'm doing. It is who I am. For anyone with any ideas or suggestions, please leave a comment below. It would be much appreciated.