Friday, July 27, 2007


Its kinda tough to stay down in such a beautiful country and its also un Gilly Tha Kiddish and so im glad to share that my spirits are high. I quit smoking pot around 6 days ago and the I Miss U post below is a result of withdrawal depression. Before I began travelling I had no clue that NZ was made up of 2 islands. I had no clue about the difference between the UK, Great Britain, England and London. Call me ignorant but since we kicked their asses out of our country most of us Americans dont really care to think about these things. Some Irish girl in a hostel told me about how the people behave in Ireland. She explained her ex-boyfriend took her out to a classy restaurant and whilst @ the table passed gas. Turns out it was a wet one and instead of excusing himself and going to the bathroom he reached down tore off one side of his underwear and pulled it out from under his ass. He took his shit stained underwear and tossed it under their table. She explained this is how the irish are. No manners whatsoever. Anyway its kinda known that the irish are the manliest of men. Wether thats a good example I dont exactly know... Travelling provides honest and clear insight as to the ways of different people in diferent countries. I learned alot about people from many places. Much more than I care to type here. Yesterday I took a tram with an Israeli girl that lives with me. She's a cute little innocent type. Turns out she was a sniper instructor in the Israeli army. This broad can snipe you out from 2 miles away if you do her wrong. How bout that? One thing I like about the English is that they are incredibly proper in their speach and behavior when their not drunk. A homeless brit has the same vocabulary as an American professor whilst an American bum cant even string together a sentence. Anyway, as I promised a few weeks ago shmeeze is done with. As for stogies I have stopped buying packs and switched to rollies. Here they provide little filters for rolling ciggarettes. Its quite a hassle to roll one every so often and so I will smoke much less. My health has become increasingly important to me and so I shall do away with smokes altogether in the very near future. My cousin Johnnie has been looking out for me and I will have to find a way to thank him. Hes Kewwwl.

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