Saturday, July 14, 2007

Johnny N Melbourne

While backpacking you meet many randoms and stay in all types of strange places. Shit, I stayed on a couch with some crackpots on welfare while in Sydney. You eat and drink whatevers around and a good solid meal is very much appreciated. While staying @ a hostel in the commercial center of Melbourne I waltzed outside and my sniffer brought me to some rastafarian white dude. Being that Im backpacking I dont have cash to splurge and buy pot so I snoop dogged my way up to this guy and got stupid for free. Its been over 3 months that I havent done friday night kiddush. You begin to miss these little things. Although I am half the world away I felt as if im home while dining with my cousin and his family. Thanks to my rasta friend I was stoned and hungry as shit for dinner. Johnny is an awesome guy. He came 3 yrs ago from South Africa to open a branch of his business here. He and I get on well. Today we went biking and he showed me just about every corner of Melbourne. 40 kilometers we covered. I have cool vids and pics of us and his family. Also one of me almost breaking my neck biking down a really steep hill stoned. I love that he's a doctor. Its cool to have such a person around to bounce ridiculous medical questons off of. I've got him on glyconutrients and Im sure his week will be excellent as a result. I am a bit more of a spiritualist than he is and when bouncing my beliefs off of Johnny hes got a scientific answer for everything. Its pretty funny actually. After one goes to med school, completes a residency and a fellowship a scientific approach is most often taken on things. One thing I havent yet noted here that ive noticed about this hemisphere are the stars. A completely different set I rest my eyes on here. I've noticed this first in NZ. The stars I look up at are foreign to me. Joan, johnnys wife has an eclectic style and his house is decorated comfortably with a taste of South Africa. He graciously lent me a few hundred bucks and I've attained a loan from back home for a grand. Thank god for Western Union!!! On mon I shall return his $300. I will use a mtn bike he is lending me to get around this city for a week or two. I will be staying in a funky part of town that is full of village types and its where all the youths and the trendy shops n cafes are. Fitzroy its called. I'll stick around for a little while until Craig gets here and see what happens from there. Dont worry Craig, I didnt forget about ya. One things for sure, im gonna make my way to Byron Bay, the place with all the hippies. Johnny and many people b4 him have been telling me I'll love it there. Its saturday night and Im looking after his adorable little rascal of a son Jaimey while he and Joan went out for a flick with friends. If it werent for Johnny I would have a completely different outlook on Melbourne. I've met some of his friends and their mostly upper class jews that have immigrated here recently. Interesting folk. Lots from South Africa. It seems people that live here are better mannered than most in NY. One things for sure, they enjoy life here more than most do back home. Yeah everyones got there careers and shit but they also know how to enjoy themselves. More so than poeple do in the states. The fact that I havent seen Johnny in some 13 yrs matters not. He's family and its a great feeling to be with someone that knows me.

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