Saturday, April 05, 2008

Still Loyal, Blog Master.

Its been tough the lifestyle I've chosen for now. I have no worries tho, I know anything that lasts needs a good foundation and like my uncle from israel once told me, "It takes time for a seed once planted to grow fruitful". Once my apple tree has matured I do hope to make excellent use of my time. I cant wait to travel again. Africa or India are my next prospects but only in a good while. Its been pretty damn boring I must say. There is those interesting things that always happen tho. Ya know being from such fine acity. Yeah, like when I was on the Q train the other day and some 3 black girls were talking rather loud about how one of their muffs smells terribly. Sooner than later I will be back upstate. Tranquil lakes, breathtaking and rugged mountains and cliffs. Animals galore. It just seems sheepish to live with this noise and pollution when natures vast bounty is just around the corner. Theres nothing healthier really. Screw this meat grinding, soul stealing, social cesspool. Fuck all this city 6 pack style dwellings. I like space... Like I told my friend aloney, to grow up here and have to cope with this maniacal city can only be justified if we soaked from it many positive things that it definately has to give and by being able to super comfortably leave it by age 30. Otherwise it would just be a sour investment. One thing is for certain. We are entering an interesting chapter in what I guess is going to be a lifelong saga.

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