Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Riddle Me This Riddle Me That... Riddle Wuts In The Middle And To That Ill Tip My Hat

Riffity Raff I'll make you laugh. Prepare your guns Cause you'll need your sponge. Get ready my nizzles for a tuff little riddle. Who would go hunting with their shotgun but with no slugs? Who would hang around where there is no ground? Who would disguise their very own eyes whilst begging a mystic to read them? I never met a psychic that didnt sit down. Her weapon is'nt metal but it's always all around. Who Who and Who. Twice It is'nt me you see and it is'nt you. There is a word in this passage that is always untrue. Always connected to the state of vermont but only wen they shrink it.

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