Friday, June 06, 2008

B Express

Its been very routine the past while. So very much so in fact that I believe im now an expert on metro social psychology. Its amazing human interactions with each other. This is especially interesting when riding the train. In this here city you have a chance to see the world. To get a fake Rolex today I made a stop on Grand St (China town) and was floored by the stench of dirty smelling fish, octopus and probably even Sniffles the cat that used to come around last yr. Im sure in China I'd find the same... Very focused I have become lately and feel overly aware of people. Aware of people and their respective manner, demeanor and style. There aren't many that stand erect and at the same time relaxed. 75% if not more project a certain weakness. Not firm in their stare or stance. The extreme heat we've been experiencing lately magnifies this I think. 10% I can olny describe as vagrants. Theres lots that come to seek a better life in our overwhelmingly diverse city. Whether they come from another state or country I guess they find it. Makes me think of how savage those mobs are in South Africa that beat and burned the migrants because they blamed them for unemployment. Imagine us in NY beating every Brit and Aussie tourist that comes around. I think our country if not our world needs a real leader. I noticed today while on the B going into the city, train was packed, so many seem defeated. Faithless. Because so many little boys were poked I think religion might be a dying faith. These people seem like they need an honest voice to believe in, they need a real deal dude that cares not at all for special interests. A true leader. One who understands their strife and whose public life can be transparent and honest. He can then tell the media to fuck themselves and the world wouldnt care. Just like Australias Pm Kevin Rudd, a no joke true to his word mofo. I was there when Bush came to visit and was embraced by John Howard so warmly that the aussies booted him after he was PM for 10 yrs. Rudd ran his campaign promising to remove Aussie troops from Iraq and by some ironic twist a politician turned out to be honest. The kualas have left the building :)

On a brighter note, I've been fine tuning my athletic structure biking vigorously nearly daily. Sundays I go to central park and work like an ass. Grunting and hollering like that hedge fund broker in the Equinox. Probably going to Israel in A couple of weeks and so I'm hoping to MTN bike the Masada and visit some of my middle eastern Shmuliks Moishikos and Yossys.