Sunday, June 15, 2008

Project Underground- Dear Banksy, I Dare You To Visit The D Line

Took weeks of preparation, planning and learning about the penalties involved with this here project. I did all of this in advance obviously. Had to scout the right platforms whilst returning home from work thru out the week. Dont worry, I know this seems insane. The weather last night with the rain was an opportunity I couldnt pass up. No one was around. The fine is only $100 if caught and no arrest sooo the investment was worth the risk. I brought some tools along in case there were any vagrants around but none were to be found. The reason I did this is simple, ever since I was very young the blue and red lights that zipped by while I was riding the train always caught my eye. Then I notioced grafitti artists harnessing these lights to illuminate their tags. A month ago I started to case locations and plan. I just dont like sitting on my ass and doing nothing... I LOVE adventures. I might seem nuts but I consider this project guerilla urban art.

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