Monday, June 23, 2008

Gone For A While

Its been a while since I've felt as I currently do. Things are sorta sublime right now. I think I just became sick of fucking around. I see what it is that one needs to be truly free. $een it for a long while and tried to attain it but with my level of maturity back then it was far beyond my reach. Then came my "fuck it all" lets save the world travelling expedition. After dismissing my own cousins advice "being an idealist doesnt pay the bills" I realized hes damn right. My manner has again become cut throat. Its just... now the slash is razor sharp and meticulously calculated. Thought long and hard and its been decided this page is going private as of the 25th of june. Problem is diferent people have diferent perceptions of the reason behind my "blogging". This that or the other thing, I just dont ker. This here space is mine and it turned into something that people who know me chew my ear off about. So fuck it, I've kept it public for a very long time, longer than any sane person would, 1st to utilize the web for the reason it was created and 2nd perhaps to inspire others... Anyway I held back much because of my audience and I dont care to anymore. This blog is a long and sometimes explicit novel that will end when I die. I am just a conduit for the true author, Who or Whatever decides what will happen to me tomorrow. For those really close to me you can request an invite by emailing but its been tuf trying to figure out hw that werks.. Soooo, Let me close with A Dream For Worldwide Peace, Hippie Type Love, Son to Father like Respect, Fear for Nothing and No One, Honor To Ones Self Firmer than that of the Scottish Legions. And, lets never forget "'LOUD ASS CHEERS'"

GillyThaKid Kssshhhht Over And OUT!

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