Thursday, June 19, 2008

God Bless America, Mexico, Erkles And The World Wide Web

Thought it a time to scribble and jot. It all started at 7am. I went to get a truck, a pick up I had to. A close family friend with a large construction company very gracefully lent it to me for today. So, I swung by 18th ave and coney island ave w/the truck and stopped nxt to all the mexicans seeking work. By the time I was able to get my seatbelt offf and step out I found 50 of them literally jam packed in the back like some bus in India. I sternly told them all to beat it as I only needed 2. Now, I'm going to rewind, yesterday I sent many ae-mails to people on the net selling office furniture. I also went to Office depot and Staples to seek advice and prices. I was told what I needed would cost at least $7,000. Accepted, I slept and awoke today with many messages soliciting office furniture. Many with different prices ranging from 5,000 W/installtion to 17,000. One of the last to contact me was a gentleman that went by the name Tim Warren, works at a corporate firm named Cite. He told me he had many of the exact types of stuff im looking for. Hearing 30 people say the same I cut to the chase and asked "how much"? It turns out A true blessing I have run into today thanks to the web. The mexicans we gave 100 to disamble at the 1st location and reasemble at the 2nd, our new office. They deserved it, we worked from 9-9 and worked very hard. Setting up beautiful business digs only cost us $200. A fully furnished ready to go Suite in a sweeeet location on an Island almost as Long as my new conference table. BuKABOOyAkAShhaaaaAHHHHH!!!!

But on a serious note, I've grown sick of what I've become because of yrs of misguidance by my very own self and in some way I'm becoming the way that I used to be many yrs ago. It's ghuuud and i like it... An integrator I think i am and that seems to be one of four very important "Vitamins" a company should have according to the world renowned corporate cosultant, Dr. Ichak Adizes. His PAEI formula is one all shud follow.

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