Sunday, August 03, 2008

The Current

So Im now living at Risses on Long Island. She has an apartment below her house that her brother used/uses. I will chill here until I find comfortable diggs eleswhere.

There aint much I can say, xcept much chaos has shrouded the path I worked hard to plow. One way or another I am confident I'll survive but, turbulent is an understatement if i were to try and describe the progress of this venture.

On a lighter note, I went to visit the fam and sone of the boyz bak in BK. I like the neighborhood Riss lives in. Altho reggins there are aplenty, it is quite and serene here. Unlike my parents house which is located in the center of a major public and private intersection. Noise all night. You obviously become accustomed to to it but to break away = freedom.

Our night was capped with a BBQ w/close friends of Riss and we all had a very good time. My new dog Rip Van Winkle is so very good a dog I cannot begin to describe. He's 3 and knows every command, every trick, game and I think I already fell in love with him. He seems to have an abandonment complex as obviously since I got him from the Humane society he has been before. He likes to stay near and he is extremely obedient so I mind it not. I love the big fucker. Pics of him will soon follow.