Monday, August 25, 2008

Hello My Name Is

ber alert and cautios I have become of absolutely everything these days. Wish I can turn this switch off and fall back into sweet mellow calmness... But I cant. Too short and fragile our lil lives are. In the past couple of months I stared down at death like it was my son. I stared at it hard and waited patiently for it to break contact. It did everytime as I've seen many apussies do in my pre giuliani bklyn youth. Shud say thk u to G-d I guess... But.. wtf is that?
The logic behind my staying extra cautios is simple, my candle I can light and then die... The force that was me created it and it will continue on. The candle will burn out but maybe I can create something that will remain far longer. Fuck remaining silent this soul and sponge given to me here on the 24th of Feb 1981, instead I will turn the volume up. Perhaps Ill create something that will remain forever.