Thursday, August 21, 2008

Recent Convo W/a Ghud Friend

ShadyDaNzO (8:24:51 PM): yoo
RAPIDPLASMA (8:25:02 PM): ye nhey
ShadyDaNzO (8:25:16 PM): wasupppp
RAPIDPLASMA (8:25:22 PM): chillin
RAPIDPLASMA (8:25:24 PM): u
ShadyDaNzO (8:25:33 PM): just got home where u at?
ShadyDaNzO (8:26:12 PM): i c
RAPIDPLASMA (8:26:18 PM): hem lo notnim et ha davar ha ze la shotrim nahon?
ShadyDaNzO (8:26:57 PM): lol i told u bro u got nothing to worry bout would i lie to u
RAPIDPLASMA (8:27:19 PM): i hope not... I know u wouldnt inside but ive been going nuts
RAPIDPLASMA (8:27:27 PM): u feel me?
ShadyDaNzO (8:27:36 PM): i hear ya
ShadyDaNzO (8:27:48 PM): whats your lawyer saying?
RAPIDPLASMA (8:27:56 PM): na much
RAPIDPLASMA (8:28:10 PM): alot happened
ShadyDaNzO (8:28:16 PM): lioke?
RAPIDPLASMA (8:28:26 PM): another charge was just added
RAPIDPLASMA (8:28:33 PM): criminal mishchief
RAPIDPLASMA (8:28:44 PM): cos i fucked w/the guys atv
ShadyDaNzO (8:29:39 PM): well the way u wer thinking im not surprised
ShadyDaNzO (8:29:51 PM): like u didnt care about nothing
ShadyDaNzO (8:30:00 PM): respecting peoples property and shit
RAPIDPLASMA (8:30:19 PM): tru
ShadyDaNzO (8:30:33 PM): well i just hope u get off
ShadyDaNzO (8:30:48 PM): cause it would really suck if u had to go away
RAPIDPLASMA (8:30:50 PM): its crazy how alot has happened and just led to a final eruption
ShadyDaNzO (8:31:05 PM): well it was inevadable
RAPIDPLASMA (8:31:14 PM): its tru
ShadyDaNzO (8:31:18 PM): u knock on the devils door one day hes gonna answer
RAPIDPLASMA (8:31:40 PM): i wud have died if all this w/the opskay hasnt happened
RAPIDPLASMA (8:32:17 PM): i woke from a blissful dream and found myself in jail...
ShadyDaNzO (8:32:33 PM): did u
ShadyDaNzO (8:32:34 PM): ?
ShadyDaNzO (8:32:51 PM): dont tell the opskay that caus ethen they will treat u like a majnoon
RAPIDPLASMA (8:33:07 PM): w/ever
ShadyDaNzO (8:33:19 PM): and wat happend wen u tried
ShadyDaNzO (8:33:19 PM): ?
RAPIDPLASMA (8:33:45 PM): i didnt want to bad enuff and people started to make a fuss so the gurds kiked me round a bit and left
ShadyDaNzO (8:33:57 PM): wow
ShadyDaNzO (8:34:01 PM): thats crazy
ShadyDaNzO (9:02:09 PM): r u still shmeezing and shit?
RAPIDPLASMA (9:02:37 PM): yes shmeezing and thats it
ShadyDaNzO (9:02:44 PM): good
RAPIDPLASMA (9:02:50 PM): i nearly lost my mind from pills
ShadyDaNzO (9:02:52 PM): did u withdraw from the illpayz>?
RAPIDPLASMA (9:02:56 PM): yes hardcore
RAPIDPLASMA (9:03:00 PM): saw a psych 4 it
ShadyDaNzO (9:03:04 PM): really wat happend?
RAPIDPLASMA (9:03:14 PM): had crazy pains in my chest
ShadyDaNzO (9:03:18 PM): wow
ShadyDaNzO (9:03:23 PM): that sux
ShadyDaNzO (9:03:33 PM): but better then losing your life
RAPIDPLASMA (9:03:40 PM): ye well i was on a sik cocktail dude
ShadyDaNzO (9:03:47 PM): i know
RAPIDPLASMA (9:03:49 PM): paxil ur not supposed to mix w/anything
RAPIDPLASMA (9:04:02 PM): and that shit paxil is mental
RAPIDPLASMA (9:04:09 PM): not body type shit
ShadyDaNzO (9:04:15 PM): i told u from day 1 when u came to my backyard and shwed me u had paxil valumes and footballs
RAPIDPLASMA (9:04:17 PM): it fux with ur brain chemicals
RAPIDPLASMA (9:05:10 PM): never again
RAPIDPLASMA (9:07:16 PM): trust tho dan that all will pass w/time and i accepted that...Ill never forget wut u did 4 me
ShadyDaNzO (9:08:16 PM): bro for me its instinc if ur my boy i do for u wat i would expect u to do for me
RAPIDPLASMA (9:08:28 PM): nd
ShadyDaNzO (9:08:41 PM): wordd
ShadyDaNzO (9:08:46 PM): wat u doin
RAPIDPLASMA (9:09:03 PM): lampin, I started a new biz while all this shit is going on
RAPIDPLASMA (9:09:09 PM): ill tell u about 1 day
RAPIDPLASMA (9:09:18 PM): but my hand is in a cat and its hard to type
ShadyDaNzO (9:09:37 PM): in a cat lol
ShadyDaNzO (9:09:39 PM): ow cast
ShadyDaNzO (9:09:40 PM): lol
RAPIDPLASMA (9:09:45 PM): yes lol
ShadyDaNzO (9:09:52 PM): i had a pretty good idea i think i wanted to talk to u about
ShadyDaNzO (9:10:01 PM): besides what i had to ask u about
ShadyDaNzO (9:10:07 PM): i thaught of a good idea
ShadyDaNzO (9:10:09 PM): u tell me
RAPIDPLASMA (9:10:22 PM): well i live by my girls and if i go away its gonna be in like 6 months
RAPIDPLASMA (9:10:33 PM): so ur welcome here wenever u want
ShadyDaNzO (9:10:50 PM): imagine having a web site that the main objective of it is having online reunions from classes to familly to what ever
ShadyDaNzO (9:10:57 PM): ty
RAPIDPLASMA (9:11:04 PM): hmm
RAPIDPLASMA (9:11:09 PM): thats int
ShadyDaNzO (9:12:16 PM): hold on
ShadyDaNzO (9:22:32 PM): so u get the idea?
RAPIDPLASMA (9:23:02 PM): ye build on it, it sounds very cool
RAPIDPLASMA (9:23:38 PM): u can steal technology from or w/ever
RAPIDPLASMA (9:26:04 PM): im siging off tty wenever