Tuesday, September 09, 2008

The Current

These days my pockets remain filled with business cards from M.Ds and P.Cs. Quite frustrating it is going out of my way for all of this bullshit. A Mukund R. Patel, M.D took great care of my hand and is an all around good guy. A member of Doctors Without Borders, he goes to poverty stricken countries and offers his expertise at no charge. A youtube vid I will upload soon. My friend Michael Elbaz, P.C has been pivotal in the quelling of my familys concerns and is competent a lawyer enough to know I should see a forensic psychologist for the benefit of my case. I have been, and Dr, Jason Hershberger, M.D. is doing a great job. Lawyers seem to be on my side and all but arent they supposed to? Do they not get paid to b? I dont really know what these psychs think they are going to accomplish with me besides feeding me all of their prescriptions. Seroquil Depakote, trust, sedated I remain nowadays. Besides for that I am a brick wall and no one can really penetrate. No one that is trying to at least. Great music I have learned to love and hold dear lately... I hate to drop names but these here people are good ones sooo. Philip Yanowitch M.D, another shrink on Columbus ave next to the park. Oh, and lets not 4get Tim Murphy P.C. the finest criminal defense attorney in the catskill region... And so, this all is the effect of good family & friends providing a protective shield and finding those that are the best with which to defend me @ a time when I'm exposed.

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