Monday, September 08, 2008

Finally - Avionic Progress - $20k Plane

The most remarkable things about the ElectraFlyer C are the flying cost - so low it’s absurd - and ultra quiet electric motor. Hand over the cash, and take home a kit which consists of a moni motoglider, choose from one of the three battery packs, bang it all up together - not a very easy job if you have zero DIY skills - and take to the skies.

The ElectraFlyer C complies with FAA regulations. You can opt to buy a ballistic parachute for an extra cost for coming down safely in an emergency.

Most notable benefits, apart from the low flying cost, are the reliable electric motor which requires very little maintenance compared to a typical lightweight gasoline engine, less mess, less noise and therefore no earbuds for the pilot and no pissed off neighbors. Source: DWS Aviation