Monday, September 01, 2008

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I can only say my name is Gillyroze.

One must wonder, why it is violence hate and pain remain when so much has "changed" in the past 200 years. What? Has no one figured out that it's optional to do this? Do we not teach dogs that they cannot bite? What in the hell is wrong with our all-knowing leaders, our BULLSHIT government? I wish I knew the answer to this but what I can say is that everyone has become desensitized to important international news events. I remember taking classes whilst attending Brooklyn College that changed my life forever. I was a business major and this one class I took was about political, ideological and commercial propaganda. The class delved further into persuasion tactics and I was floored when I heard about Willie Horton, a furloughed muderer that went to kill and rape the same night. Bush, Sr. ran the mugshot in a poignant campaign commercial doing his best to degrade the then Massachusetts governor, something Dukakis. Degrade he did and then went on to become president. Anyway I'm trying to explain that our tv has done something to us. It's got us numb to things because we're slammed with it daily. It's like I explain on my page, we see our news anchors all gleaming and looking pretty. We listen as they explain the weather might be harsh tomo. We listen on as Connie Chung flaps her tung. She says, "Lets get ready for a rainy day and 50 dead in Iraq and THE YANKEES TOOK IT AT SHEA!!!!!!!!" It's true and simple. You see, we're used to understanding that their chosen indifference is correct. It's not. I'm not saying we should cry every time we hear about these terrible things but the fact is I do not see any "leader" govt or whatever that seems to grasp this. Now, let me explain; I'm no professor, I'm a 27 year old born and bred New Yorker with an international twinge attained after a combined couple of yrs backbacking such places as New Zealand, Australia, Europe, and some of the Middle East. You can see and read about my encounters in these places on this page. Ye I've traveled around but I'm not one that gloats. I'm a Blogger, a Redditor, a Craigslister, a Twitterer. Screw that, I am nothing and so are you compared to the big picture. Apparently there is a fog within most of our minds that distorts this Jpeg. I don't understand why it is America, with all its great brains suffering from short-term memory loss, already forgot about the movement our parents started, a movement of love. You can often catch me on the B train headed towards the city from Brooklyn. For me, this provides a simulation, if you will, of the typical American. I do not see too many standing firm and erect. It does not seem too many have faith. With all the controversy surrounding the Church these days, this comes as no surprise. I look at them and I wonder what do they need to hear to jolly up? If I had to guess, I would assume that they weren't to believe that the grass isn't greener on the other side. We've got 2 interesting characters running for president. But that's really what they are. Don't know about you but their eyes do not convince me. I have been writing for 2 years. This Labor Day weekend will mark my 2nd year as a covert soul posing as your average Joe, snapping shots with my eyes as 007 does with his cute little camera, collecting facts. Like the facts gathered from throughout the world from other people posing. I began this page 2 years ago so that I could share my findings with my future, older, smarter self. I write this here post and invite you to visit my page because an interesting chapter is beginning. I am the type that you will find hanging by the pond in Central Park NY with my Golden Lab or perhaps Lake Taupo in New Zealand, catching fish with a Swiss Army knife. I never watch the news, I read it off a very lonesome-looking ticker that provides headlines only and remains on the top of my desktop at all times.

When we grow up, we come to the sad realization that money is what runs this world. Everyone around us has a certain pace at which they're moving. In this here city, everyone seems rushed. Thats fine afterall it is NYC but I always questioned the immigrants, wondering why would they leave their beautiful and laid back countries to enter this race. To try and compete to become a thoroughbred? Do they realize that happiness is all in their heads? Early this summer, when my 15-year-old little sister was robbed by a big scary black dude with a gun, I sat and I thought not only was my youth tough but even now, post-Giuliani, seems the younger generation will not be spared the chill that emanates from this block of ice we call Earth. I tell of great random experiences that I've encountered simply moving, nomadic throughout the world. Every dollar I will attain I will use to further a goal that is common to us all. I do not know what to name it. I do not know whether it is a religion, a way of life... I do not know if it should be formed into a political party. What I do know is that I need help to grow it. Change must be made and people try to make it by way of charity but what they do not understand is that even these charities are after 1 simple thing: profits. If you are one that likes to give to large charities, then perhaps you should check out to see if in fact your charity is giving to those that deserve. My page was public for a long while, until much controversy had forced me to make it private. This has been extremely difficult for me as I feel I have much that people can learn scattered throughout my monthly archives. Together, with our efforts combined, we might just be able to make people see vivid and clear, the true image. Bright in its colors and loud as a siren.

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If you read this far, you have already learned something. And so my goal is accomplished. I hope that you do not dismiss this as one of these Nigerian dumbtards or some other internet scam. Go with your gut and request an invite. Afterall, It is free.

-Cheers and luvvv-

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