Friday, October 17, 2008

Dear BlogMaster,

I have attached you to my hip as I used to pagers back when I was @ James Madison High. For two years you have witnessed first hand my lunacy. I recall once sharing with you an experience I'd had while back in AU. Was making my way thru a bar alone and sorta just sat and slowly scanned the place. Very mellow and relaxed, I felt well tuned but certainly not in tune with the rythym or the vibe. Felt like that character that shoots sonny at the end of the movie 'A Bronx Tale'.

Less like a goofy dog but more like a cautious cat, stalking like a skilled hunter not like some wide eyed tourist. Careful with each step... I mention this because its how I feel no matter where I am these days. Just very calculating, not conscious of petty things. Not tuned to anything but that voice in my head. Nothing else matters. I got a new toy recently that Im ecstatic about . I will ride it often upstate in the winter with the special tires for the trails. I wish I'd started this page 10 years ago. I have gone thru my archives and have performed some self study. I can fiddle around no more. A proper outside perspective can be the best thing at times as it was when my cuzin recently gave me his (or rather kiked some sense into me). A no joke business man, he is someone I can learn from. Positive poeple to learn from is something I definately need more of...

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