Thursday, October 23, 2008

Rozes Thorn

Its a great time whipping around on my Yamaha WR250x. Woulda liked to have bought American but Japan owns this dirtbike stuff, making by far the finest ones consistently for a good long time. So great it is to put the 1st mile on anything you drive off the lot @ the dealerships. Its cool shooting off to see a client with my laptop on my back in my Camelbak. Still though, I wish I lived in a rural and less populated area. Its too dangerous round here to make my bike a full time thing. So I fiddle with it when I have time or want to go to the bank and not look for parking. One things for sure I'll never go back to a 5 speed again. 6 Gears means power and thrust no matter. Was on 5th ave and 16th not long ago. Was wondering if I had to buy a parking ticket and noticed those ticketers nearby. I asked them if I need one and they practically laughed in my face saying "no one will ticket a motorcycle" nice.... Other than that, been incredibly busy trying to make peoples lives easier online. Its quite funny and also sad I think the way so many use the internet but a meager amount know the 1st thing about it. Or its potential.

So I was asked to be a guest photographer at a popular nightclub in Times Square. Club Arena on 10-30-08 Halloween

Will go and do my best job mixing my clear view of things whilst others are distorted. What im sure I'll record is peoples arrogance and what they think is their self worth hanging off their backs with labels on them. Dumbshits that haven't a thing better to do but shop all week for that 2 hours they'll spend looking retarded. I turned down the cash offered for the rights to my pics and so shots of the mentally challenged will follow short after that contratent.

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