Friday, October 03, 2008

Tokin In SoCal

I find myself in a place they call Socal. San Diego, South California. Sorta like Soho but not. Seems Shwarzenegger has imposed his will on everyone here and their all health freak nuts that dont tolerate smoking anywhere. Fucking sissys. As if under a witches spell I walk around incoherent and self absorbed. Dont much care bout what people say or about what goes on around me. I took a toke of the Cali smoke and the best way to describe it is as if a spell has been cast upon me. Its nice out here, a beach town and sandy as any should be, but, already I can tell ya the west doesnt tickle my pickle. Yea its cool the blonds and all but many male ditzes and female bimbos there are aplenty. Was only here a day and already picked up on this. I dont really know if im even allowed to travel these days but I dont care much as traveling is really one of those more important things I hope to continue to do. And I will fight and never give up so as to continue to do it. I must say I truly am grateful to my girl and her parents for sponsoring my trip out here. Aren, Risses brother is retiring the old jersey and getting married, hence our presence out here. Swinging work and pleasure is easier then it ever was. Narlyyyy duuuuuude!

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