Monday, November 03, 2008

1 Year Back Home

I will always mark my return home from NZ en AU with the birth of my nephew. Its an interesting time now. Economy is shot, people suffering, 2 distinctly different characters running for president. Outcome expected tomorrow. Cant tell ya how many I know that have vowed to move to Australia or Amsterdam if Mccain in some way (like Bush) fixes the election. Either way, riots are expected. I can sum up my concern for the outcome of the election and the American economy with 2 words. FUCK ALL! This is that time when true Americanism is realized. With this economic tsunami, there are those that run in circles and smack the tops of their heads as if their hair is on fire. They can't face change or step outside of their box and calculate their moves. Any competent executive should move with the caution and precision of a cat. There is no time to commiserate. Those frazzled, have no chance... Its rather funny how I see things these days. Ever since that fall upstate, there has been a distinct change in me. Its pretty simple to explain. This is my world; I am this entity that lives in the head of Gilly Roze. I am the one that moves his fingers, his tongue and his eyes. Vanity and recognition were both things that were important to me. As they are to many people. But, I'd nearly lost this shell I've accepted on Feb 24th 1981 many atimes as I simply love to live freely. But, since falling, its been realized, further control must be taken.. Control, so that b4 this body is of no use, I use it for its full potential. So now I carry round this person that looks at me in the mirror. I worry for him and I plan. Sometimes its boring... Boring cause I'm familiar with the actors, singers and just about all of the entertaining things that this plain has to offer. I wonder with wide opened eyes about those from others. Other worlds, in the after life or on other planets, with more interesting characters than the ones im so very used to here. Anyway, If we were to run into each other after a while apart you might assume that maybe I have lower blood pressure or that just yesterday I lost someone close to me. This is because of my solemn mood. Its not because im sad, heck no, actaully happier and more ALIVE and AWAKE then ever. Its an awareness, an enlightenment. Buddha has got jack on it. Maybe its cause Im older and things are becoming clearer.

Or maybe, somewhere along the way, as I do my keys, my mind I lost and am Rambling!!!! Frantically!!!!!

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