Saturday, November 08, 2008

It Is Gloomy Outside of My Window

Assuming we are supposed to always, whenever we wake without a smile, we accept prescriptions from our doctors so as to "fix" the "chemical imbalance" we apparantly have. 80% of people I know are on some sort of meds. Fell victim to it once myself. It seems what has happened is this; In order to push these drugs on unsuspecting Americans, doctors now say that if you are downwinded you should make yourself a slave to big pharmas. Problem with this is that its self defeating and certainly not necessary (for the vast majority). True depression probably only plagues 1% of the already medicated and dependant. All the rest are just paying for their mistakes naturally, by being their own worst critics.

I once met an old man while waiting for the public restroom to finish being cleaned @ Washington Square. He was wise and it was clear. He said, "every human being pays dearly for their crimes or misdeeds, if not regular, classic justice, then it is their own mind that makes them pay"... He is so dead on. Now, im not saying that that natural form of justice isn't good, couldn't care less, just trying to give an example of how your everyday can be manipulated by something you might never have held suspect. So if your in a rut, grab hold of yourself and climb the fuk out. Remember that your own mind can be your enemy and so OWN IT and program it to your liking.

Many a book there are everywhere documenting our past, our paths and how things were. This is taken by many as an example of what should be. Do ya think that thats proper progression???

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