Friday, November 28, 2008

NYC Police

Had a run in just now with a cop in Floyd Bennet Field. Apparently the schmucks that sold me my motorcycle, in their haste to get me to sign on the X and out the door, told me that I was all ready and set to hit the road. Well, today I found out that there is no registration sticker on it and my plates are registered to the dealership not me. Anyway, all of this matters not. Since I havent a motorcycle license the copper didnt want to let me drive off. he said they were gonna have to take the bike and give it back when I pay fines and return with a friend that has a motorcycle license (been through this before). It would have meant that my day was to be ruined. Everything, I tried. Telling him "im just gonna ride it home" explaining this, trying that, nothing worked. Copper was on the radio with his buddies getting information about me. Seemed about ready, after explaining he cant let me go because if I hit someone on the way home it would come back to bite him in the ass, to write me up. I have a friend whos uncle was killed while on duty here in Brooklyn and I often drop his name, saying hes my uncle, to police hoping to get out of tickets when stopped.
Sometimes it works but never did anyone surprise me the way this cop did today. His eyes lit up and he proclaimed he was friends with Joe Galapo, was at his funeral and his best friend was partners with him. Caught me off guard. Now, this cop that stopped me today was around 45-50 and was a sharp and  stern dude. Wasnt about to let some slick motorcyclist pull a fast one on em. He began to ask questions, where did he die? How was he killed? After successfully satisfying his enquiries I noticed something. An incredible camaraderie there is between police. Probably thru out all service related positions where people can die on the job. Just earlier he was sure about not letting me go but then quickly changed his mind. Looked me straight in the eye as if saying, "dont worry about it kid, I got your back" but said, "alright get outta here" NY city cops are unlike the jerk offs in New jersey or any other state or even any county within ours I reckon. Their cool if you are and vice versa

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