Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Days Of Late

A certain opportunistic clarity has come over me recently. Yes, there is a terrible problem with our economy and no, it doesn't seem like it's gonna end anytime soon but still, cosmic habit force is sure to carve the way.
I dont really understand how this economic disaster has happened but I'm sure a select few (who are responsible for this mess) are sitting pretty because of it. Cant say I blame them or am bitter because they are sharks and most are flounders. Anyone that had their life savings in the stock market, I think, are idiots.
As for all these government bailouts - I think its the biggest mistake our leaders can make. Why reward these insolvent companies when their own executives made these mistakes. As far as I remember there are no prisoners taken in this game of business. Ford, for example, they've been producing way more cars than they can sell and now are firing all of these hard working employees. All of whom have obviously become dependent on those weekly pay checks. They're closing these extra plants down now and asking for a Gov't bailout. I dont get it, I've had problems with different business ventures in the past and never asked the gov't for cash and so why should they give it to Ford? Fucking suckers. Let these incompetent, self bonusing executives go screw themselves! Give the bailout cash to the employees who are truly suffering and will with no doubt go hungry or homeless without it. I do understand the logic but I simply dont agree. But then, who am I? Some lone dumb blogger with a voice no louder than his dot com...

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