Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Sick Memories (Tho I 4Got from When) - Federico Aubele

Been miserable racing around with the rest of the rats here in this decrepit city. Seriously just want to play the song above, find a backpack, stuff it and travel round seeing interesting places. Meet some more interesting folk, ya know, be a wanderer. When i see myself in pictures or in the mirror these days I feel that the person there doesn't represent me well. Seems too young and something not too short of buffoonish. Been working hard developing a new business I see a good future for. Those that know me well would only expect this of me. Always working on one idea or another.

I have yet to get to where Im going however and the journey over there has been tougher than that time I had to climb a 150ft gorge with a broken hand and a 12 gauge shotgun slung round my back. Where am I going? To that place where this song plays in the background constantly. To an address that doesnt end with street... To that place Merlot sends you, only your allowed to stay... Forever.

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