Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Dumb People.

Back when I was in the electronics mail order business, some events took place that I'd like to note. Customer reviews were not all that prevalent back then and so we were sorta open to treat customers however we deemed fit. Many were straight up idiots who totally deserved to be spoken down to. This one time we had a product listed on the website for $0. It was a 65" Panasonic plasma tv. It was obviously a mistake. The person put it in his shopping cart and checked out. After an email from me explaining that it was a typographical error and that it clearly states on our terms of use section that we were not responsible for such mistakes, the customer went on to make threats explaining he's a lawyer and that he better get this $12,000 tv for $0. The person really thought he had a chance of getting it too. I had a line I used to give people who would piss me off back then and I delivered it to this at the top of my lungs. "CALL ME BACK AFTER YOU PULL YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOU ASS!". Many more examples I can give but I'm tired so I'll update later.

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