Monday, May 09, 2011

Must. Preserve. Life.

I hate to sound cliche but I must say I am truly happy to be alive at 30. Being stuck in the city recently has really caused me to get depressed. It sometimes felt like this is the only reality I will ever see. I've read some posts on this blog from a few years ago and am slowly learning that it is because of this shit city that I've been down. I am after all one that is meant for the outdoors. I FUCKING LOVE NATURE. I love the woods, the country, the animals. I hate smog, city buses and the look of defeat on everybodys faces. Been dating a bit lately but I must say it is truly tough to meet someone who is at par with my thinking. If anyone ever came close it was a girl named Ariel whom I dated many years ago and who I will never forget.

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