Monday, July 18, 2011

My advice to a 14 year old on the internet asking for help on how to survive this world

As a 30 year old guy, looking back at his life in retrospect, I can tell you what I'd do over. At your age I would try to find a passion. Something I absolutely love. Could be turtles could be flying planes could be anything. Then try to become an expert on that subject. Go to and finish college. Preferably studying the subject that you have already settled on that you've found you are passionate about. Take a semester or two of college abroad. Those were the funnest days of my life Make sure to have a desired profession, something that makes you more valuable than the average joe who doesnt know how to do anything. Always be independent and dont rely on anyone cause they can disapear and that will leave you in shambles. Never open yourself up totally to anyone ever. There are limits. Your SO can end up putting you into a hole of a depression that you might not ever be able to climb out of. Try to live life happiest as possible. If there are people bringing you down for any reason cut them out of your life asap.

Good luck.

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