Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Nyce 2 Meat Chya

Not sure the best way to bring this up, and Im gonna jump around, and cover several topics, but I want to talk about the descendants I hope to have. No matter what job I hold in my lifetime, or role I play, I am exploring the world and am by nature, a true world explorer. Everyone's got there own shtick, guess this one's mine. Like you see pics of my dog on this blog, he is happy-go-lucky and curious, exactly so, am I. I want to have a quik chat w/u descendants. Whether son, grand, great or best, this post is meant for your eyes to read. Matter of fact, this page/blog/lifelong project is for you. This post tho, is about etiquette your forefather believes, no matter the year, you should follow. These are timeless. The day you were born, to cut things short, you were thrown into a meat grinder. Staying strong minded is the unique power within our family. It keeps us going regardless of hardships before us.. If you've made a decision that you've concluded as final, stay firm to that like cement. When a stranger puts his hand out for change, if you are in a position to, place some in it. Mastering the art of proper breathing is something we need to get out of the way, so that your brain can work with the precision of a Swiss clock instead some shit made in China. If, for example, someone hurts your feelings (and there are people around, who can testify that they saw you break his nose) or, for some odd reason your thoughts (which u shud b in control of) are occupied by anything other then ur current goal, breathe deeply and keep those breathes in for a long time. Long as you can, because regular breathing is similar to a bitch being a cock tease. Your internal organs are given a lil play but really want to absorb that there oxygen you are breathing in/out so fast. Give it time to absorb after you inhale. When releasing the inhalation, do that slowly, thru your mouth, could be 4 seconds, could be 30. Longer the better, Basically, until you need to inhale again. The reason for this, is so that you are, effectively, preparing your lungs and diaphragm for the following, longer, and deeper inhalation (from nose). Also, whenever a thought pops into your head no matter how irrelevent, turn the thought into an image and imagine it floating out of your body as would a soul from a person who just died. Continue until your thinking is at 0. I like to think of a fella like the one here
inside my hollow head, dark, lit only by a candle with a flickering flame. That, there, is my most comfortable place on the planet. When in a room with a lot of people, like in a club, test the effects of this "diaphragmatic" breathing. Whether 10 or 1000, you will be the 1 calmest person there. This is good because in situations that call for action, or rational and "cool" thinking, you'll be that guy. I've been in these situations many a time and can say calmness has saved this shell more than 1 or 2 times. Descendants, please, always remember not to let people live in your head "rent free", meaning, why think about that manager at work who gave u the stink eye, the other day, or the person who offended you yesterday. People that you dont like, or that are offensive, or simply stupid, should be treated and looked at as ants, or even monkeys, who do these stupid things because they believe they will somehow get their equivalent of a banana. DO NOT be another slave to your thoughts, there are enough of those, on earth at least, who knows where you'll be when you're reading this. Learn and follow this quote early on: "It took me a long time to not judge myself thru the eyes of someone else". Be real. Be hard, like the dude from the movie Bullet, because, although it's sad, only the strong survive/stay happy. Let confidence seep thru your pores and make it as evident as OJ's guilt. Remain physically strong and extra educated in the practice of self defense. Whether youre a chic or a dude, the opposite will find themselves very much interested in you bc of this confidence. Speaking of, if interested in a particular member of the opposite sex and you'd like them to be a part of your life (in whatever fashion), when meeting for the first and even next few times, emit an air that shows (whether true or not) that they are very much interested in you, and, that you know it. This is a lil trick your forefather Gilly of the Roze is sharing with his hip futuristic offspring. I'm pretty sure this rule will stand whatever Millennium your'e in. Never try to think you're influencing others with brands and labels you may have/wear. This displays stupidity. A message you like, or logo for a nonprofit, is probably the finest choice for clothing. Don't give a FUCK what the social norms might be or what other's may think of an action you want to perform (so long as it's withing that county's law). Carve a path of your own from the things you've picked up from people who have lived on this planet. Make it a definite surety that you are different than the rest. I've more juice (knowledge) with which to wet your sponge (brain) but got to go, so learn to prioritize, and realize what is important to spend thoughts on, and to get done. Fuck the rest. Anypoo, I gotta go cause my dog calls and thats what he needs to do. This here post will be updated with Gillyroze's laws of proper etiquette. Many picked up by books Ive read or people of note that I've met.  For example, did you know, in France, it is considered rude to ask a person, the first time u meet, what his/her  profession is. Because, you are bringing up the issue of money, early on. Ha, Gillyrozes laws of human interaction and of etiquette.

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