Saturday, June 23, 2012

I thought it proper to note

I've noticed, regardless of the fact that I remain busy these days, that I am more active on this page in the weeks/cupl months of late. Had me thinking. Because of how odd life is, thought it funny that this page was originally created after a break-up. Remember clearly the scenario. I like to learn then share random knowledge. So, I can be caught rambling about one thing or another to girlfriends I've had.  This used to annoy one of them and is reinforced by the fact that my last would fall asleep in the midst of my rambling. Page was created together with the ending of a 5 year relationship. It's where I come as one does to a therapist to difference. Any time I've gone to a real one, most of the time their speech would sound like nothing more than noise. Anyway, guess I'm being more active these days because I have more to say or on the flipside because less with whom to share. Wish I can be sharing this Goldstar with Freud, so he can make like a flashlight and shed some light.

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