Monday, June 04, 2012

Maniacal thoughts about unlikely possibilities.

Try and picture yourself, looking from above. Continue to zoom out as you would with Google earth using your mouse wheel. Look at earth from outer space. So much going on, sooo many running round. Animals, humans, plants, atoms, molecules, alive or static/stone. There must be order to all this chaos. What do you do for someone who doesn't have the knowledge of what's right/good/healthy for them? When there are just 5 animals left of a certain species do we not place them together to mate? If left alone they'd go extinct. Ha - this reminds me, I remember once thinking, maniacally, after a girl once broke up with me that I know what's best for "us" and tying her up in my basement and keeping her there may be a good idea. But ya know, social norms, laws and such... Anyhoot to get the point here: Secret societies - some at least (like those that are responsible for creating religions) - may not be all that bad. If an idiot thinks he's going to hell for robbery or rape and because of that abstains, I'm all for pushing this religion thing. Us masses may need herding. Take a look at earth from outer space again. Zoom into yourself using that there mouse wheel and realize how you think you are special(er) and smarter then the billions around you. Fell victim to this too but c'mon are we really? Or, are we fooling and lying to ourselves about how unique we really are? I don't discount that we are all individually unique and deserve recognition for contributions made (like singers or inventors) but do we even know whats really good for us? Is the current societal mechanism ideal? I say it is not but there are individuals alive today who are part of an order that (long ago) made things the way they are today. They will easily have killed (like they did JFK) anyone who begins to question them. Also, what do we about the fact that these in power can simply use their HUGE channels to influence and publish false info stating I slapped Mother Theresa or like they're doing with Julian Assange convince the masses that he raped someone, immediately making any potential of anyone taking us seriously null and void. Truly confusing, complex and perplexing this issue is. Can this be changed? Fuck no. Not while the general world population is only worrying about surviving. I don't have kids, a mortgage or other things to keep me from questioning things and so it seems, dead before my time, in jail or in a quite mountain cabin, away from society is where this soul WILL end up. Why? Because I like to think, and figure things out. I also think the Native Americans before Europeans killed them with their guns and disease and brought industry and debt to what is now the United States, had a better system going. Well, I propose a new one. One of international cooperation (since borders mean shit) where food is dropped from planes instead of bombs. Where life saving medication is free and things are given instead of sold. Everyone lives fully and has all they need.  I'd call it "Socialovism" Since it's a mix of socialism and love for one another (if that wasn't obvious). We have the resources and technology to make this happen but for some reason (right now) it fancies us more to wage wars, place limits on peoples potential, and to hoard. This coalition I propose would teach that killing and war is wrong and our army of love would conquer and disarm the world with hugs, make life easier for all, make education free and this realm we call life would be a delight to live.

But then again, when one single person and his opinions can be dismissed so easily as a dreamy hippie blogger, history will with 0 doubt repeat.

I've been known to say that I like animals more than I do people and this is damn true. They do what they need to do with their limited knowledge whilst we wrongly prioritize what's important with ours.

The words. So true.