Saturday, June 02, 2012

Note about selfism

Thought it a good time to jot some notes. When thinking of a "higher power", one must take certain things into consideration. One example: These days we have memory cards for our cameras 1 gig 2 gig 3 gig 4, this is technology mankind has created that allows us to store information. Lets look at a similar mechanism. The fact that every single person on this planet has an infinite memory card inside of them is something of note. We all think we are individually special and this is a very interesting phenomenon if you ask me. Those that think the world revolves around them and don't consider the equal social rights of others are simply buffoons. Individuality is great and society has accepted it as the standard but in a twisted way. Everyone thinks their "story" is great. Really though, it's boring. Everyone thinks their "story" is important. How much so is it really, to anyone else besides them? The amount of individuals with stories stored on their mushy memory cards is mind boggling. I challenge google to find a way to store all that content ;) But, this should make you ask - whether you believe in God or not - how is it someone/something, has very long ago, created an infinitely superior technology/memory card that is available today?