Thursday, June 21, 2012

Thought it a time to note and jot

Normalcy and routine has kicked in. Been needing this for a long while. At a great place I am. Meditating, taking stock and realizing where I've positioned myself on the chessboard of life is good. Doing things at work Id be paid 30-50k to do in a month back home for, lets just say, a lot less. But fruits I am seeing from my work and that is what's important. To work like a Swiss clock, precise and accurate. This is how I strive to be in my work life. I have built a weekly regimen these days which includes e-learning things that I LOVE to learn about like evolution, philosophy and human behavior. Not some shit some school pushes on me. Fuck off schools. Give me Khan Academy, and other open courses and I will contest anyone on any subject 5 years from now and when they look around they'll find change and a cell phone, maybe even a military grade foldable blade because in my pocket they'll be. Will spend a few yrs in this country sharpening my brain quietly before making noise in the US. Cheahs 4 now.