Monday, June 18, 2012

A message to the 99% from

"It's not our fault. Life has become so's unbearable. We trusted our governments to make decisions in our best interest. Well they didn't. They betrayed us, and treated us, the masses, as a hoard of irrational animals, incapable of making sound choices. That's why the educated among us, feel surrounded by sheep, and struggle to find ways to shake up the spirits, and realize that we've been conned. Now, we have become vigilant, but so many have become numbed, asleep, disoriented.

But, as much as the elites have manipulated us, lied to and robbed us, using the findings of psychoanalysis, we can do the same and help the masses reclaim control of their future.

Cause neither we, nor our children will pay for the fraudulent debt that a bunch of thieves created. Let's rip off the roots of corruption with 3 strikes. The 3 biggest protests of the decade are moving online. (so that even the cops can be the 99%)" ~ Repeace