Sunday, July 15, 2012

Notes while camping @ a certain spot thats so far north it'd make the Golan scared of heights. Israel - Syrian border

Transfering from paper...

Camp: day 1

Having smoked a lil hash, combined with having popped a half Valium and some gold star (domestic beer), I feel it proper to reflect & share the mood/consciousness I'm @ right now. I pen this post using technology lesser then what is available, that is, pen and paper, inside my tent. You see, I've hopped over from here,  to there (see below). Was propelled by a 1300cc engine. Found it tough (the car did) at times to climb such vertical terrain. 

Let me provide for u a glimpse of what my senses are met with at the very moment;

First, my current living space is illuminated well and comfortably using very traditional means. Next would be the running of water - a stream hurrying by at that pace. You can hear it brushing off the dirt and rock it meets with @ the surface and sides of the stream. Now n then there'll be a howl from one animal or another. Not sure which (most prob a fox) nor do I care, But, Rips interest gets peaked and his appetite can get him quite excited with all his anticipation to hunt/dominate. I really worry not, for Rip would, with no doubt, tear any animal that intrudes on our gem of a place into pieces, bring it over to me as an offering of love and with that provide for me dinner. Any person who enters the narrow trails leading to my secluded spot is met at the entrance to said trail by Ripple the mohawked kinkle, then a 180 is performed and just as important is the fact that I own a living breathing ADT.

Once any animal comes near the site, sees Rips presence and size b4 his attention is drawn, (seen this happen), they flee like the french do when you threaten them. Next sense would be taste and just used that one whilst enjoying a cup-o-joe using ma bonfire for boilage action. Also, was given a fish by some kind folk earlier, religious a bit, went as far as to invite me to Fri night dinner. of coarse, being that there's probably walls in their home, I said straight up that I appreciate the offer but where I'm @, I belong currently. Boy, if they and the other people I've met who invited me to their homes only knew what type emails I send girls I'm certain they'd have retracted said invite with doubt equalling the infinite of minus. 

This is me bouncing myself off of this piece of paper while in this remote and astonishingly green paradise called Israels rugged north.

Day 2 mng: 

I've awoken. Round 6am it is and Rip's staring at me while i sip my mng brew. 

I dont understand why people think going outback is weird. If you think about it, it's the complete opposite of being in prison.