Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Slacktivism and other ramblings

As of late, you may be able to see lots of posters I've been chucking up on this page. Slacktivism is a term (not found in any dictionary) that describes exactly what I've been doing w/these posters. Some people think they're really helping a cause by clicking share on their computers. This is a clear example of "Slacktivism".  Forgot who put me onto this term but he was connected to OWS in one way or another, anyhoot, since I've unsubscribed from 99% of my fb friends status updates, I get fed info on my news feed whenever I sign in from orgs that I have "liked" and many of them spew a poster or two out onto my feed just about daily. I nit pick and share (here & on FB) what speaks to me. The stats on my back end tells me that unique visitor traffic is growing exponentially... What? You like pictures? Now you have an army of facebook pages putting out posters like the ones below/above influencing people. I remember once leaving a movie theater in Manhattan after seeing Fahrenheit 911 w/my cousin. He was visibly moved/pissed by what we had just seen. Michael Moore may or may not be a good person, honestly I dont know but, he supports Democrats and the movie was clearly an attack on Republicans. The emotion he riled up in my cousin is a powerful weapon.  We must all be very careful to learn about the agendas of those behind messages that invoke emotions in us to take action or to conclude things. Many of our daily deeds are a direct result of messages delivered to our subconscious by tv ads, news stories and the like.

  There were many a soldier (worldwide) who have died bc they decided it was best to serve and dedicate their lives to causes that were (unbeknownst to them) unjust, even fabricated. Today soldiers are so far removed from the actual deaths they're causing and also the true motives behind their pulling of triggers and I worry about whether we can awaken these types. True patriotism may just be enlisting to an org like Greenpeace and planting a tree rather than the military and blowing innocent people up. What a strange concept right? Focusing energy on creating rather then destroying. I'd have left this fukt world long ago had it not been for my family because of how corrupt the system is deep in the roots below the foundation and I can say with disappointment that I doubt it can be reversed.  But, while I'm still here I'll just dedicate this here life to bettering this plain. Ya know how they go on about "Ignorance being bliss" their damn right... Many things I simply wish I hadn't figured out. But, when you mix proper meditation with a proper learning regimen, then there is no stopping the natural processes of Neurogenesis. And so to keep with the tradition that comes with the 4th of July lets make some fucking noise and with that wake some people up.