Thursday, July 05, 2012

"The truth is, I don't like people much, and they don't much like me" ~ John Nash

Could be the Prozac, could be the alcohol leaving my body (even tho I slept it off in my car), could be something else that caused me  to cry "like a little girl" the whole way home.  My emotions stirred like a hunchbacked witch does her stew. Although, I must note, leaving Israels big city and getting closer to home, I watched as a pack of goats traversed up this hill with the sun rising behind them and realized, the "gods" have painted that wonderful image for me. Rip was glad to see me when I arrived but he was met with nothing more then a cold shoulder. And so here I am. What is the meaning of this post? Only I and one other know. And so, this will be kept in these here archives so I will NEVER forget it and the lesson it taught me, that I'm an inconsiderate schmuck. And now, A Beautiful Mind I will watch for the umpteenth time. Cheahs!