Thursday, July 12, 2012

The tide - My Will

So I cut myself off from Facebook, from TV long ago (except for a good classic movie from the internet sprinkled in here n there) but I've always promised myself, no one, no thing, except the end of my life will cause me to stop writing here. Speaking of endings of lives. I'd like to use this post as a will (like one may leave for his estate). Now, I hope to live for as long as nature allows but I want to make clear, when I do pass, I'd like to discuss that event which we call a funeral. If you happen to be at mine, look around, ya hear that person who just busted out in laughter, he loves me and understands me more so then the person next to him frowning. I'd like a party, I'd like drinking, I'd like to look down from above on this day and witness happy drunken belligerence. This is how I'd like my funeral to look. This isn't me joking. This is the clearest thinking Gilly speaking here. If YOU are in control of my funeral, I'd really appreciate it if this is the way it goes down and you follow my wishes instead of doing what I hate - what everyone else does. You can even display this post on a poster there if you'd like. Point here, is that it shouldn't be a sad day. My wait at the bus stop has finally ended. Celebrate this. I understand my physical self may not be around, and some may say that's sad but in spirit I'll be forever there, looking over your shoulder and reading along with you when you scroll thru the archives of this "blog".

Decided to take a short break/vacation from my cushy comfortable job I have at my uncles factory where I guess I'm looked at by the factory workers as a young prince. Can see  thru my peripheral that my presence influences some. Guess their jobs are so important to them and they watch their mouths/actions so as not to rub me the wrong way. Very sad 4 them. Gonna move to the far north and rough it for a while. Will use the skills I possess to persuade someone to provide me and Rip food and shelter in exchange for help I shall provide until I get properly settled. Want to further reclude my brain with studies, quietly learn, take a year in seclusion and finish my book, Solvo Mancipium... Most would say I'm nuts but they are all normal just like my dogs poop looked earlier. Need to check now n then to ensure his health. Look around, if you are doing what everyone is doing, what is expected of a person in your class, at your age, by society, then I think you may be misled. Look at where following routine, social norms and not asking questions of any entity you see as an authority has gotten us. A billion starving (0 deficit in food btw). Amounts of food available being fabricated to control pricing, leaving those w/out money, well, to die. Think out of the cage and you see murder here. One country stealing from another, America being Billy The Kid in this regard. Prisons packed to the T with people that really just need a good slap and a dose of some life changing psyop/awakening performed on them to make so they fall uniformly in line. It's too bad the prison system is profitable. Same applies for bomb factories. These people will sell their ware so long as they can. I've been told to look at the cup half full because maybe "I look at it half empty". This is just noise because there is no cup except that which holds my tea, but this proverbial cup, I see as filled or unfilled as it may happen to actually be, and don't pretend to see it any other way. I don't fool myself and apathy is foreign to me. So, I've got projects I work on and will find internet here n there at some Aroma or the like to update here and work on other stuff. My funeral though, lets not forget, should be a happy occassion, would appreciate being planted right at the base of a young lone tree in a forest somewhere upstate NY, away from cemeteries, and would like many seeds tossed over the soil that covers my shell, m'kay?