Monday, August 06, 2012

As I lay here in the room I grew up in, on a luxuriously made bed, in a beautiful house in NYC, all I can think about is when I'll be going upstate and smell nature, see bears, deer, coyotes and the like. That'll be Saturday, when I'm going to a family friends farm and will do some kayaking, drunken gun shootin and other type jack.  Spent the day with Iris (one of my oldest childhood friends) in Long Island yesterday at my brothers and must say, that that is the closest thing to being in the real outback and still not so far from the city. Fresh air, there is there. Today I shall meet with my CTO and discuss the project we are working on. It's gaining traction...

The other day when I was hanging with my boys Nerve n Dan, the feeling was one I wont forget. I love these motherfuckers and was reminded about all the good tymes we've had growing up, and also about the wicked belligerence our youth was filled with, here in Brooklyn. 
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